Luiz Gonzaga dos Santos Filho

A people first geek with 15+ years of building software and leading teams in different countries and company sizes.

Alongside my technical education, I make sure not forget about the softer skills such as a better and more effective communication, my ability to lead and to mentor. Whether as a developer, team leader or manager, one can expect me to wholly understand a team's mindset, needs and expectations.

I constantly invest in my improvement with books, articles, podcasts, courses, side projects, attending and also speaking at conferences...

My perennial goal is to imbue purpose in everything I do, contributing more directly to our society and helping people in any way I can.


Software Engineering

I am honored to have been sought after for this management role at Amazon and am stoked to be in this high scalability, fast paced environment. I sure am learning a lot.

After a great experience back in Brazil, I return to Brandwatch Berlin to a bigger office, bigger team and bigger responsibilities. Big refactorings, legacy codebase evolution and maintainability improvment where my main focus besides regular feature development and bug fixing. After 8 months in the job I was trusted to be the team lead and help the team continue to move forward.

DataEasy believed in me to manage all their software development teams and I'm happy to have greatly boosted their software quality, development process and the overall culture of the company in many creative and interesting ways.

More than methodologies and tools, the most important part of a team is the people on it. Through regular "one-on-one" meetings I could closely track each team member's improvement and satisfaction, align their goals with the company's and exchange feedback. This personal and constant interaction kept me grounded and real; it gave me both the confidence to carry on from the positive feedbacks I get and the opportunity to learn, adapt and shift directions otherwise.

BW has a fun and modern mindset and a great agile environment with an even greater team: strongly test and code review oriented, we had an enforced culture towards performance, clean and maintainable code.

I developed the frontend of their main product with occasional work in the API layer.

I'm grateful for CF taking me all the way from Brazil to Germany. I payed the investment with hard work, features shipped in record time and some innovations to their development process.

After 4 months I was trusted with the position of Frontend Team Lead and Senior Developer.

While in university I passed a State Government public contest that granted me an official place in the public service. I worked with the Human Resource system that run for the entire state.

During this period I was able to become a Certified Java Programmer. But after I graduated I felt the need to learn and challenge myself more, so I decided to abdicate my public service seat in order to seek self-realization.

Interagi and DR were where I had my internships - 6 months each.

At Interagi I put my initial, self-learned PHP knowledge to test and improved it. I learned from great people how to work in a team and care for customer satisfaction.

DR Sistemas was an important software factory where I learned about the enterprise world and well-modularized code.

Some companies I have consulted for:

Vega Sistemas, Goiânia, Brazil — Consultancy on migrating a desktop application to web platform. Tech, tools and paradigms shift.

SENAC Goiás, Goiânia, Brazil — Consultancy on web development, best practices, productivity tools, agile methodologies and comparison of dynamic versus compiled languages.

Federal University of Goiás — Development of the Public contest (Vestibular) system and website.

As a speaker or teacher

03 Mar 2017Berlin, Germany
EuroStaff Group
Debugging Oneself
18 Feb 2016Goiânia, Brazil
DataEasy Ltda
"Areas of Responsability Model"
05 Feb 2016Goiânia, Brazil
DataEasy Ltda
"SMART Goals"
20 Nov 2015Goiânia, Brazil
DataEasy Ltda
"12 Factor Apps"
30 Oct 2015Goiânia, Brazil
DataEasy Ltda
"Developing Peopleware"
17 Oct 2015Goiânia, Brazil
IV JoinCommunity
"Developing Peopleware"
17 Oct 2015Goiânia, Brazil
IV JoinCommunity
"IoT: Introducing Tessel"
16 Sep 2015Goiânia, Brazil
GOJS 7min.js
01 Sep 2015Goiânia, Brazil
Federal University of Goiás
"Developing a career"
14 Ago 2015Goiânia, Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás
"Developing Peopleware"
08 Jun 2015Goiânia, Brazil
Federal University of Goiás
"Programming Languages"
20 Mar 2015Goiânia, Brazil
Federal University of Goiás
"Software Engineering at DataEasy"
31 May 2014Goiânia, Brazil
III Join Community
"Modern JS: from Coder to Shareholder"
29 Mar 2014Goiânia, Brazil
I Workshop GOJS
"Javascript Promises"
Jul 2014Goiânia, Brazil
DataEasy Brown Bag Sessions
"Introduction to Agile Methodologies"
"Git & GitHub basics"
14 Nov 2013Goiânia, Brazil
Absolut Software -
"Cultural Intelligence and the Connection Economy"
17 and 18 Feb 2011Goiânia, Brazil
"How tango can make you a better (business) man"
09 Apr 2011Itapuranga, Brazil
I LatAm Free Software Installation Festival (FLISOL)
"Entrepreneurship with free software"
Ago 2011Goiânia, Brazil
Computer, Electrical and Civil Engineering graduation
Graduation Ceremony Speech
Ago 2009Goiânia, Brazil
VI Goiás Forum of Free Software (FGSL)
"Introduction to Ruby Language"
June 2009Goiânia, Brazil
Goiás State Government
LibreOffice instructor

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work ignited in me the caring for people: be them the ones we are the doing the work for, or my colleagues. It also taught me to value and dedicate my time for something else than money, for something that would do (or be) good for someone besides myself.

You can check my open source contributions at

2014; 2015Goiânia, Brazil
Join Community
Co-organizer & speaker
JavascriptNodeTalksCommunity eventsLeadershipCareer
2012; 2014Goiânia, Brazil
Napoleon Hill Institute's Master Mind
Lead auxiliary instructor
LeadershipPublic SpeakingCoachingEffective CommunicationTime managing
2008 – 2011Goiânia, Brazil
Grupo Arte Nascente (GAN)
Actor & Web Developer
PHPNGOArtTheaterCommunicationNon-for profit
2006 – 2015Goiânia, Brazil
Zapt Arteatral
Actor, Web Developer, President, Artistic Director & Communication Coordinator
PHPArtTheaterCommunicationNon-for profit
2007 – 2009Goiânia, Brazil
AIESEC Brazil / GO
Marketing, Communication & Information Management teams
MarketingPublic RelationsExternal CommunicationInternal Communication
2000 – 2008Goiânia, Brazil
Mocidade Espírita André Luiz
Coordinator, Speaker & Member


Business Process Management, MBADez 2017IT Management Institute (IGTI)Brazil
Computer Engineering, BachelorJun 2011Federal University of GoiásBrazilExtra studies on Software EngineeringRelative average grade: 85%
Computer Science, Visiting Student2010/1Saint Mary's UniversityCanada2nd round on Trumped CompetitionEmerging Leaders of America Scholarship

Relevant courses taken24 courses on software, entrepreneurship, leadership and self development with a total of ~867 hours

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Program
SYILI, LEAD & Google; 15h — Sep 2016
React.js with Flux
FrontendMasters; 4.5h — Jun 2016
Kick Off Koa.js
NodeSchool; 4h — Oct 2015
Learn Sass
NodeSchool; 2h — Sep 2015
Learn Generators
NodeSchool; 1h — Sep 2015
WebRTC Fundamentals
PluralSight; 1.66h — Aug 2015
Level DB
NodeSchool; 4h — Apr 2015
Business Process Management (BPM)
BP Company; 16h; 16h — 2014
Freetest (TMMi based)
Federal University of Goiás; 100h — 2014
Startup Engineering
Stanford / Coursera; 70h — 2013
Projects on Carbon Credits
Eficiência Institute; 20h — 2012
Leadership, Interpersonal Intelligence and Effective Communication
Napoleon Hill Institute's Master Mind; 48h — 2011
Empretec Seminar
SEBRAE; 60h — 2011
Immersion Behavior Driven Development
e-Genial; 12h — 2010
Immersion Ruby on Rails
e-Genial; 12h — 2010
Java Web
SENAI FATESG; 95h — 2007
Software Development Process
Government School; 40h — 2007
Linux (basic, intermediate, advanced)
3Way Networks; 40h — 2006
Web accessibility; XSLT; Tableless
Atípico; 20h — 2005
Information Systems workshop
UFG; 32h — 2004
Advanced Adobe Flash and Actionscript
SENAC; 56h — 2004
Graphic Projects workshop
SENAC; 4h — 2003
Web Design
SENAC; 120h — 2002
Programming logic
SENAC; 90h — 2001-2002

Relevant events attended25 events on technology and entrepreneurship in different cities and countries

Web Summit
Lisbon, Portugal; 7-10 Nov 2016
CodeMotion Conf
Berlin, Germany; 24-25 Oct 2016
TEDx Goiânia
Goiânia, Brazil; 21 Oct 2015
4th Join Community
Goiânia, Brazil; 16-17 Oct 2015
AndYet Conf
Richland, USA; 06-08 Oct 2015
Google Developers Group DevFest 2014
Goiânia, Brazil; 17 Sep 2014
3rd Join Community
Goiânia, Brazil; 30-31 Mai 2014
Analyzing network vulnerabilities
Goiânia, Brazil; 26 Apr 2014
19th Convendas (Sales congress)
Goiânia, Brazil; 15 Mar 2014
Berlin, Germany; 14-15 Sep 2013
Berlin, Germany; 12 Sep 2013
Ruby Conf Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil; 3-4 Nov 2011
International Conf of Innovative Cities
Curitiba, Brazil; 17-20 Mai 2011
I LatAm Free Software Installation Festival
Itapuranga, Brazil; 9 Apr 2011
X Software Engineering Journey of Goiás
Goiânia, Brazil; 24, 25 Sep 2010
VIII Software Engineering Journey of Goiás
Goiânia, Brazil; 3,4 Oct 2008
I IT Governance Seminar
Goiânia, Brazil; 31 Mar 2008
Java: JEDI Initiative
Goiânia, Brazil; Sep 2007
II Goiás Forum of Free Software
Goiânia, Brazil; 1 Oct 2005
IBM: Migrating and developing for Linux
Goiânia, Brazil; 18 May 2005
I LatAm Free Software Installation Festival
Goiânia, Brazil; 2 Apr 2005
I Electric and Computer Engineering Week
Goiânia, Brazil; 8-12 Nov 2004
II Java Gyn
Goiânia, Brazil; 15 July 2004
IX Web Design Meeting
Brasília, Brazil; 15 Jul 2004
I National IT Congress
Goiânia, Brazil; May 2004

Certifications and Noteworthy achievements

"MasterMind Commender and Class' Name" title on MasterMind training in Leadership, Interpersonal Intelligence and Effective Communication; 2011"Best presentation" prize on MasterMind training in Leadership, Interpersonal Intelligence and Effective Communication; 2011"Self Overcoming" prize on Empretec Entrepreneurship Seminar; 2011IELTS (International English Language Testing System), 8 points in 2017 (89%)KITE (Kaplan International Tools for English), C2 Level - Proficient (564 points) in 2015TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), 108 points in 2011 (90%); 103 points in 2009 (86%)Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) for the Java 5 Platform; 2008


German & SpanishBasic

(The not so) Off topicsSome other things that help shaping the professional I am

Relevant content

Software Development20 books on programming languages, techniques and tools

The Tao of Tmux and Terminal Tricks
Tony Narlock
InnerSource: Keys to collaboration and productivity inside your company
Andy Oram
Webpack from apprentice to master
Juno Vepsäläinen
Clean Code
Robert C. Martin
Getting Started with Meteor.js
Isaac Strack
Practical VIM
Drew Neil
Pro Git
Scott Chacon
Developing Backbone Applications
Addy Osmani
Javascript - The Good Parts
Douglas Crockford
Code Simplicity
Max Kanata-Alexander
The Node Beginner Book
Manuel Kiessling
Learn Rails 3 by example
Michael Hartl
Agile web development with Rails 2
Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hanson
Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hanson
Rails for Java Developers
Stuart Halloway, Justin Gehtlan
Getting Real
37 Signals
Head First: Servlets & JSP
Kathy Sierra, Bryan Basham, Bert Bates
Head First: Design Patterns
E. Freeman, E. Robson, B. Bates, K. Sierra
Regular Expressions
Aurélio Marinho Vargas
Java: How to Program

Soft Skills34 books on leadership, culture, productivity, entrepreneurship and management

The First 90 Days:Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels
Michael D. Watkins
Collective Intelligence: Mankind's Emerging World in Cyberspace
Pierre Lévy
The Checklist Manifesto: How to get things right
Atul Gawande
Start With Why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action
Simon Sinek
Moral Tribes: Emotion, reason and the gap between us and them
Joshua Greene
Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
Daniel H. Pink
The Power of Habit
Charles Duhigg
Difficult Conversations
Douglas Stone, Sheila Heen, Bruce Patton
Leading Snowflakes: The Engineering Manager Handbook
Oren Ellenbogen
Managing Oneself
Peter Drucker
The soul of leadership
Deepak Chopra
Managing Humans
Michael Lopp
The Purpose Economy
Aaron Hurst
7 Spiritual Laws of Success
Deepak Chopra
Leading with Cultural Intelligence
David Livermore, PhD
Times' Triad
Christian Barbosa
The Power of Vulnerability
Brené Brown, PhD
A Leader's Diary
Luciano Pires
Disguised Opportunities
Carlos Domingos
Leader with a Master Mind
Jamil Albuquerque
The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly
Seth Godin
Tribes: We need you to guide us
Seth Godin
Jessica Livingston
Do The Work
Steven Pressfield
The Dip
Seth Godin
V is for Vulnerable: Life outside the comfort zone
Seth Godin
Anything You Want
Derek Sivers
What is Your Legacy? Provocative Thoughts About Ethics, Leadership and Management
Mario Sergio Cortella
The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development
Brant Cooper
The Monk and the Executive
James C. Hunter
The Triumph's Law for the 21st century
Napoleon Hill, Jamil Albuquerque
The Art of Dealing With People
Jamil Albuquerque
How to Grow a Business
Eric Crowell
Getting Things Done
David Allen

Free time

I'm launching a nonprofit & open source initiative with a friend: